How To Follow Up With Email Marketing

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Today we want to share with you one of the BIGGEST tips that helped us grow our business so quickly.

It's something you can do in just a couple hours and it can significantly increase your chances of closing new deals, getting a new higher paying job, and building lasting friendships with important people.

Seriously, no hype, this will help you if your a student in college, or a CEO of a big company.

Everyone should be doing this.

So what's this big tip you ask?

Answer: Create an email marketing sequence to follow up with everyone you meet.

When you attend industry events, local meet-ups, holiday parties, even on Facebook, use this sequence to follow up with people.

When you meet someone new unlock your phone and instead of adding them to your contacts list (you can do that later), open your email app and ask the person “what is your best personal email address?” Tell them you would love to stay in touch and you might be able to refer them business in the future.

When you save their email in your auto responder sequence they will get a new email from you every few days! Since you set this up to run automatically, it takes ZERO effort on your part after that.

Tip: Make sure each of those emails has a call to action, example: to contact you if they have questions or need help.

Guess what will happen with some of those contacts? Some will call you in  the future to discuss your business. Why? Because they keep getting these awesome emails from you every week so they didn't have time to forget about meeting you.

I have several follow up email sequences, some for business, some for personal, and some for things like hobbies or special interests (exotic cars).

Think about it this way, you never know how a new acquaintance could radically change your life and future. They might be your next investor, your next boss, or even your future husband or wife!

Studies show 48% of people simply exchange numbers, or business cards, and don’t follow up. If they do, it’s sporadic at best. But, a staggering 80% of sales are made between the 5th and 12th follow up contact.

With an email marketing sequence you won't be one of those people who fails to follow up and loses opportunities.

And the best part of this sequence is the emails go out even when your on the beach!

Lawyers, sales reps, students, plumbers, real estate agents, even your local church could benefit from email follow up.

We know your insanely busy running your business, so if you need our help in setting this up, get in touch and we can setup an automated follow up sequence for you.

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Posted on October 31, 2014 in Email Marketing

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