Is your website mobile responsive?

If your not reading this post on a mobile device, I'm willing to bet your phone is right next to you?

With Apple's latest release of the iPhone it's become increasingly important to have a mobile friendly website (or mobile app) that looks great on all devices

In October of this year, the world was given its first opportunity to use Apple Pay, the new mobile wallet/payment service that is preloaded on the new iPhone.

Big banks like Chase are finally onboard and have partnered with Apple.

The data is clear, over 50% of your customers are finding you on a mobile device. If the navigation, text, images, and videos don't fit on the latest gadgets, your visitors will quickly go to your competitors website that is easier to use.

Mobile responsiveness is also important for conversion metrics and making sure you're not wasting money on your Google Adwords campaigns.

When a customer clicks on your paid ad and goes to a website that isn't friendly to use, they click the [BACK] button and go to the next paid Ad.

That costs your company money for the click, you lose the sale, and your google ad performance will suffer also.

We can help you make sure your website is mobile responsive and looks awesome on the latest and greatest devices.

Contact us today for your free quote and we will help you get your website mobile friendly.

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Posted on October 8, 2014 in Mobile, Website Design

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