Our Refund policy

You will be billed automatically on your credit card in advance for each month (or year) of service depending on the service you signed up for.

Unless otherwise stated in writing MessageKey.com does not offer refunds for our services.

Why? It's not because we want to be jerks…

We cannot offer refunds because we pay our suppliers and partners in advance just like you pay us. We also pay a team of highly skilled developers that we compensate for work they do on your behalf, and they don't give us refunds.

So giving money back isn't feasible, or we would put our business and partner relationships in jeopardy.

If you need to cancel your automatic billing for services then you agree to send us written notice no less than 15 days before your next renewal date to avoid fees that will be due under the next billing cycle.

If you any questions or need to cancel your service with us please open a ticket with our support desk and we will respond ASAP.

Thank you,

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