Supported Mobile Carriers for Short Codes

What carriers are supported on MessageKey Short Codes?

Please note that even though a carrier is supported, Short Code messaging capabilities may not be enabled for all end users' plans.

United States:

US Short Codes can deliver SMS messages to the following mobile phone carriers in the United States:

Major carriers:

AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and T-Mobile USA.

Minor carriers:

Indigo Wireless
Bluegrass Cellular
Illinois Valley Cellular
Viaero Wireless
Pine Belt
GCI Communications
Nex Tech Communications
Duet Wireless
Inland Cellular
James Valley Cellular (JVC)
Standing Rock Telecom
Cross Wireless
Northwest Missouri Cellular
Alaska Communications Systems (ACS)
Thumb Cellular
Carolina West Wireless
Union Telephone
MTPCS Cellular One (Cellone Nation)
Copper Valley Telecom
Rural Independent Network Alliance (RINA)
West Central Wireless
Chat Mobility
Panhandle Wireless
Google Voice
United Wireless (includes Republic Wireless)
Altice Mobile
Atlantic Tele-Network International (ATNI)
Blue Wireless
Chariton Valley Cellular
Digital Communications Consulting
Pioneer Cellular
East Kentucky Network (Appalachian Wireless)
Limitless Mobile
Cellular One of N.E. Arizona
Nemont US UMTS
Nemont CDMA
MTA Wireless/Matanuska Kenai
Pine Cellular
Triangle Wireless
C Spire Wireless (aka Cellular South)
Virgin Mobile
Boost Mobile
United States Cellular Corp

MMS-enabled US Short Codes are able to deliver MMS messages to the following mobile phone carriers:

AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Newer Short Codes can also deliver MMS on US Cellular, please check with support to see if it is supported on your short code.

Puerto Rico:

Local Puerto Rico carriers Claro and PR Wireless are not reachable using Short Codes. Puerto Rico users on AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint may receive short code SMS from a US short code, however delivery is not guaranteed. Short code SMS to Verizon is not supported in Puerto Rico.

Deprecated carriers:

The following carriers have recently been deprecated industry-wide. Nextel was purchased by Sprint in 2008 and the Nextel services were deprecated in 2013. Nextel customers are now Sprint or Boost customers. The remaining parts of Alltel (Allied Wireless) were purchased by AT&T in 2013 and were brought completely under the AT&T brand in 2015. Cincinnati Bell Wireless ceased offering short code provisioning in February 2015 and all short codes that were previously live on CBW have been deprovisioned on that carrier.

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Disclaimer: There may be additional compliance requirements under U.S. law, including the Telephone Consumers Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA), depending on the nature of your text messaging campaign. You should consult with your legal counsel to ensure that your opt-out process is compliant with applicable law and consistent with industry standards. This guide is not intended to be legal advice and you (the client) are responsible for following applicable laws and carrier guidelines with regards to your Short Code service.
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